092014: Octoberian

Counting under two weeks before I leave my office for good. Octoberian graduation with a couple of my officemates as well. Didn’t really expect this sudden change in my career path. I’m not even sacked.
I really want to co tinue but thinking in the long run, it’s going to be very unfair for me/us. I am not even demanding, I am not that special (yet), but my heart says this is going to be all toxic for me. And if my heart says it, I will trust it.
Right now, everything’s just hazy. Trying to figure out new things on my own and it’s scary af. I’m thinking that I bit more than what I can chew, but I’m gnawing ang chewing whatever it is. I will finish it, I just hope I have enough time.
Lady GaGa once said that if ever one should face the decision of picking career over love (love is irrelevant in my situation, though), remember that my career won’t wake up one morning and say it doesn’t love me anymore. I believed it.
But seriously. Look what’s happening now: the irony.

Really just glad for the little breaks, like spending time with my friends and myself and also binge-reading, in between a stressful ‘semi’ quarter life ‘semi’ crisis.

Anyway. Pray, it works. Praying it works.

In 2011, I got to ‘saling ketket’ interview (hi Randolph!) the National University Bulldogs before the start of the UAAP season, right inside their Manila campus. From coach Eric Altamirano, players and his staff (and school officials too!), we met a bunch of cool and humble people. :) I recall that aside from physical training, they also devote a time to pray as one team. 

Today, I met them again but this time as champions. Too happy to meet you guys again (besides watching NU-UST games)! :) My little slice of happy before leaving the office for good.

Congrats again,  Bulldogs! :) Hope to interview you boys soon! (at ABS-CBN Main Building)
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Hi!!! :]

#TeamMaayosAngSelfieSaCellphoneNgIba #vscocamph #selfiePH  (at ABS-CBN Main Building)
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Now, I know what it feels being with a totally different yellow crowd (but silently cheering for navy blue [jersey number 4ever♡]!) 

While UST is my number one team, I still love both NU and FEU but today, literal na hindi ako makapili. So I guess it’s safe to say, may the best team win! #UAAPFinals2014

Also, proud to be one of the 24,896+ in attendance, biggest in the history of Big Dome basketball! :)

Thanks for the ticket, you wonderful Tamaraw bestfriend @spikinspam and hello to your blockmates! :) Had fun!!  (at Smart Araneta Coliseum)
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"Growing separately without growing apart" —Elizabeth Foley ♡ (at Katsu Cafe, Maginhawa)
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"Just remember, even your worst days only have twenty-four hours"

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"You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering."

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